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Lets you park conveniently on secure parking spaces even before you get to your destinations. Save gas and lets you off the hook on the hassle of circling around and around for minutes just to find the perfect parking slots!

ParkEazy lets you park easily.

Finding parking slots shouldn’t be hard, let us help.


Mobile application based.
Available in Android and iOS.

User Friendly

Finding a parking slot is just a few clicks away on your smartphone

Premium Service

Reserve a slot for certain hours on multiple days way in advance

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It only takes a few second to change your parking life forever

ParkEazy has a simple and intuitive interface addressing parking woes caused by Metro Manila congestion and traffic.

Best in class User Onboarding

We take care of all your parking needs and we have done best in eliminating the stress of finding a good parking space through our intuitive application.

A parking space waiting for you.
Even before you travel.

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  • Download the App

    Download ParkEazy Application in iOS and Android

  • Select Destination

    Choose the best parking slots near your destination

  • Set Arrival Time

    Set your arrival time at your chosen parking spot

  • Payment Method

    Select the best option for you. You may go cash or via credit.

  • Scan QR Code

    Scan the generated QR code at the parking booth

  • Get Receipt

    Get your receipts via email.

Simple payment methods.

We have integrated worldclass payment method for you. Easy to use and manage your all your parking tickets.

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Finding parking slots shouldn’t be hard, let us help.

You want to arrive at your appointments on time.
You want to avoid stress of anxiously waiting for an available parking.
You want your schedule to be more predictable.
You’ll love ParkEazy for sure!

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